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people of lewis bottoms

first family in lewis bottoms

Thomas Lewis and his sisters, Cathrine Lewis Gainor and Tabitha Lewis Strawn, came to Lewis Bottoms in 1839 and 1840.

lewis family

mathers family

Mathers Family
arrived to Lewis Bottoms around the 1880s

Adair Family

Adair Family
arrived to Lewis Bottoms in 1890

joanna and william lewis

William & Joanna Lewis
pictured here in the late 1870s

Portraits & References
found in the book,
Lewis Bottoms: Its Legacy and Lore

Other early family names associated with the
area included: McClintock, Evans, McArthur, Strawn,
Richards, Thomas, Hopper, Lint, Bloodgood, Booth,
Shurtleff and more.





lewis bottoms iowa

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