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sade's house

sade's house

Sade's house was built in 1892 by John and Sade Lewis and they raised their son Ira here. Subsequently, Ira Lewis and his wife, Alice McClintock, and their children, Lucelle and Kenneth, lived here. After Ira's death in 1979, it was a rental for a few years. In 2001, Eloise and Robert Dennis obtained ownership and began the restoration. Pictured: Alice, Lucelle and Sade. Taken in 1912.

sade's house today

Sade's House has been restored by Robert & Eloise Dennis, the 5th Generation to own the homestead.

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eloise and robert dennis
eloise and robert dennis

Sade, matron of house in
her younger years

Heritage Farm was homesteaded
in 1839 by Thomas Lewis

Robert & Eloise Dennis, restorers of Sade's House




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